I am thrilled to have you as a guest at PKJ Podcast. Please read through the information and follow the steps in the end of this page.

Audience & Format

Most of the content at Small Business Conversations targets individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who are seeking to be inspired, informed, and educated on starting and growing a small business. I interview awesome professionals who share their passion, knowledge, and journey on business in a variety of areas. The format is a free-flow conversation discussing you, your business, and the P(assion) K(nowledge) and J(ourney) that has led you to today’s podcast.  The time goal for the entire episode is about 15-20 minutes. Your interview time will be between 7 – 10 minutes and will consist of the following
  • Bio – please send a quick bio about you to be read on the podcast – resume, LinkedIn, About Page or one you’ve written yourself
  • About Your Business 
    • How did you get started?
    • Tell me about a big WIN (Success Story)
    • Tell me about a big LOSS and how you recovored
    • Favorite Book or Website
  • Passion, Knowledge, Journey

Recording & Technical Details

The main recording will be held via Cast.
  • When we get together for the recording, I’ll send you a Cast link, which you can open with Chrome. Make sure you select the correct mic (the browser will prompt you). If you have a bluetooth headset, this works perfectly.
  • We’ll only record audio, no video. If you would like a video recording, please request in advance and we can use Zoom.
  • Make sure you’re wearing headphones. Otherwise my voice will leak into your audio track, which isn’t good.
  • A professional microphone is definitely a plus, but you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have one.
  • Try to eliminate noise and distractions. Turn off sounds on your phone.
  • The general recommendation is to speak slower: we all tend to go really fast, like the time is running out (and it’s actually not).
  • Try to relax and be yourself: the format is very free-form, friendly, and forgiving.

Your Next Steps

Here’s what you should do next:
  1. If you haven’t yet, schedule your recording time using this link. It syncs with my calendar automatically!
  2. Send me a high-resolution picture of yours. I’ll crop and edit it to for my website and for your social media.
  3. Send me a Bio about your and your business, Social Media Links/Information, Website.
If you ever have any questions, please get in touch at info@pkjpodcast.com. Looking forward to the chat! Best regards, Phyllis Johnson.